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Tout sur la série The Defenders ! Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage et Iron Fist font équipe pour sauver Hell's Kitchen...

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Yehuda a écrit:
Batmanium a écrit:Jeph Loeb s'exprime sur le futur de la série :
No, all we’ve ever said is that there are no plans right now [to do more]. It doesn’t mean that it’s off the table. And it doesn’t mean that it even has to be with the original characters that were in the first Defenders.

There are lots of Avengers, and through that, you should be able to ascertain that there may be lots of Defenders. No one at any time referred to them as “The Defenders” — they didn’t wear a little “D” on their belts, and they didn’t go to a building that had a big “Defenders” [sign] in the air. They were four mismatched heroes who were joined by a lot of the other heroes that are in the stories that we do on Netflix, but that was that particular story.

Source : EW

Et bim !

"Et bim", en effet. ;)
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